To be the partner of choice in creating a safe and clean environment. Our main priority is to create value for our clients and to offer them high-quality service. Integrity We always strive to do the right thing for our clients. Our commitment to our clients’ best interest is our most important principle. Excellence We do not compromise on quality. We pay attention to every detail and deliver best results to our clients. Our professional team has deep experience in the markets and is ready to give their full attention to create excellence in work.

In addition to the previous, we present several services concerning the equipment of hospitals and clinics, carrying out tenders and consulting for medical industrial projects. Achieving credibility and building up a fruitful relationship with our clients is our mission.



Aldura's core values include “ c o l l a b o r a t i o n . i n n o v a t i o n perseverance, passion for change, integrity, and honesty.” The current status of Aldura is a resultant of a gradually build internal culture over the years. This has been made possible due to the core values enforced by the company since its early days. Together, these values have enabled Aldura to emerge as one of the biggest and reputable corporations in Turkey and beyond. Providing protection with innovative, high quality products and services. Committed To Quality achieving excellence in everything we do.

Aldura Trading Group follows the latest developments and innovations in the professional field to enhance the customer satisfaction and confidence at the top level with its experienced staff by combining practical experience and academic career within the scope of high quality concept. Aldura Trading Group, has the technological infrastructure and labor force to adapt rapidly to expanding European Union Process by keeping up with globalisation in world markets and developing technologies.